Data Recovery

Hardware & Software Installation

Unfortunately, data loss happens and it happens often. In most cases, we can examine your hard drive and retrieve those files you thought were lost forever.
And now, thanks to a special partnership with Gillware, even if a hard drive is totally beyond repair, we can send it off to Gillware’s laboratories for an industry leader’s attempt at data recovery.

If you’ve just bought a brand new accessory for your computer and aren’t completely sure how to install it, we’ll come to your business and install the hardware and make sure it’s operating properly. We’re also happy to help you install and troubleshoot any new software you may get. Just let us know and we’ll install the program and make sure you know your way around before turning you loose!

PC Diagnostic Service

PC Clean Up

There is a lot going on inside of your PC, and from time to time, things may stop working the way they should. Maybe your machine is running slow. Maybe your WiFi no longer turns on. Or maybe your computer suddenly doesn’t even power on. The possibilities of what can go wrong with PCs are endless, and it may be hard to know what exactly needs to be done to fix your issue. Luckily, we offer free PC diagnostic services, so that you’ll know just what your computer needs to get healthy again. Our diagnostics are always completely free. Once we have diagnosed your device, we will provide a detailed repair quote, and it’s up to you to decide to have any repair performed.

Is your PC plagued by frequent crashes, freezing, performance issues, or other strange error messages?

If so, then there’s a good chance your computer has been infected with malware. Malware can wreak havoc on your computer, so if you suspect your PC has become infected, call us to check it out. We will remove all traces of malware from your PC, ensuring your computer functions like normal again.

Diagnostic exams are always free – so it doesn’t cost anything to have us check your system for signs of malware infection.

*While we make every attempt to protect your data, there is no guarantee that all data will be able to be preserved. Some malware can be so severe that a full erase and install of the hard drive and the operating system is required. We always recommend performing a backup of all important user data and applications.

PC Memory Upgrade/Replacement

PC Hard Drive Upgrade/Replacement

Does your PC take too long to boot? Or maybe it starts slowing down as you open more applications and files. It might be time to have your memory (RAM) upgraded or replaced. The more RAM your PC has, the more tasks it can handle at once. Upgrading your RAM is a cost-effective way to breathe new life into your machine. The maximum capacity of RAM your computer can handle is dependent upon the model of computer you have. We will let you know if the option you select will work with your machine or not. Prices vary depending on the specifications of your computer.

Hard drives are the most likely component in a computer to malfunction – especially traditional hard drives, which contain many moving parts and are in constant use. It’s often not a matter of if one will fail, but when – and a failing HD can leave your computer out of commission. If you can no longer boot your computer, notice it’s freezing often, or find that it no longer provides enough storage for your growing media collection, then our Hard Drive Replacement/Upgrade service may be for you. 

We will make every attempt to recover or transfer your data, but there is no guarantee that all files will be able to be recovered/transferred. There are many things that may prevent this, including failed hard drives, corrupt data, malware, and other issues. That’s why we always recommend keeping a current backup of all your important user data along with any applications you may have installed. If we are not able to transfer personal data, you will not be charged for the data transfer.